Календар проекту

Календар проекту / The project calendar

14-16.03.2010  Tempus project representatives meeting (Tempus Headquarters, Brussels) 
22.03-4.04.2010 Inna Khomenko (Department of the Atmosphere Physics and Climatology, OSENU) took an internship and training at the Russian Hydrometeorological Center in Moscow, during which studied the research directions at the Aviation Meteorology Department
2-3.04.2010  Russian national kick-off meeting in Tver (hosted by Tver State University)
19-21.04.2010 Work meeting in Moscow (hosted by Advanced Training Institute): planning Joint Centre of Excellence in Satellite Meteorology at and ATI and RSHU (Activity 4.1), including requirements, which the World Meteorological Organization sets for such centres recognition, and international cooperation between the WMO CoEs.
22.04.-6.05.2010  Enviro-HIRLAM research training week at UC: I. Petrova (RSHU BSc student funded by Tempus Qualimet) and 2 students funded by RSHU
7-12.06.2010  Enviro-HIRLAM Research Training at UC: Dr. S. Mostamandy (Head of Laboratory for Meteorological Data processing, RSHU)
22-24.06.2010 International kick-off meeting in Helsinki (hosted by Helsinki University); UA participants - Sergey Stepanenko (OSENU) and Vitaly Fedorov (TNU) + not cancelled hotel of N. Bagrov
Jul-Aug 2010 CoE in Satellite Meteorology etsablished at RSHU and recognised by WMO
29.8.-3.9.2010 Short retraining course at Helsinki University: Dr. A. Klyuvitkin and Prof. N. Zaytseva (Moscow State University)
13-17.9.2010  10th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS), Zürich, Switzerland
12-17.10.2010  Work visit to Helsinki University of the delegation from the Baltic Sea Branch of the Moscow State University: Prof. V. Trifonov (Director), Dr. O. Krylov (Deputy Director), Dr. N. Lopatina (Deputy Director)
25-29.10.2010  Enviro-HIRLAM Research Training at UC: E. Khoreva and A. Filippenko (RSHU)
15-19.12.2010  Russian national management meeting in Tver (hosted by Tver State University)
1st half of 2011 Equipment purchase: negotiating with EACEA, updating the lists of equipment, tendering, requests, confirmations of transfers
8-14.01.2011 Meeting of 2nd Young Scientist Summer School organizers at University of Copenhagen; UA participant - Yuliya Palamarchuk (OSENU)
16-18.03.2011 Visit of academicians N.P Laverov, V.M. Kotlyakov, N.S. Kasimov to University of Helsinki
30.03.-13.04.2011 Preparations for QUALIMET monitoring at FG MSU 
14.04.2011 Monitoring at MSU
27.04.-28.04.2011 AAU meeting in St Petersburg (national interim project meeting); UA participant - Valeriya Ovcharuk (OSENU) - co-financed by RSHU and OSENU
30.04.-4.05.2011 Enlarged QUALIMET meeting in Dubrovnik within International Workshop “Integration of Geospheres in Earth Systems: Modern Queries to Environmental Physics, Modelling, Monitoring & Education”; UA participants - Sergey Stepanenko (OSENU)

NOMEK intensive training course for weather forecasters, FMI, Helsinki, Finland



RSHU-EUMETSAT course (CoE in Satellite Meteorology training course), RSHU, St Petersburg, Russia



2nd Young Scientist Summer School on “Integrated Modelling of Meteorological and Chemical Transport Processes / Impact of Chemical Weather on Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling”, and QUALIMET meeting on 6.07.2011, Odessa, Ukraine


21.06-15.07.2011 Preparing and submitting Interim Report (financial data as of 27.06.2011, travel statistics as of 30.06.2011 [counted all delivered to Project Services by the date]). Report submitted 15.07.2011
14-19.09.2011 Visit of Sergey Ivanov (OSENU) to Helsinki: gave a seminar on tuning of parameters in data assimilation, - discussion with the Project Coordinator and the UH TEMPUS team dedicated to work of the OSENU-RSHU Centre of Excellence in numerical modelling; follow-up discussion on Young Scientists Summer School held in Odessa in July 2011
6-8.10.2011 QUALIMET Medical Meteorology meeting at International Centre of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Geneva, Switzerland) - 100% cost-free for the project (all particpants used their own funds)
19-26.10.2011 Intensive course in mountain meteorology for Winter Olympic, Sochi (co-financed by Roshydromet Meteoagency)

Intensive training course for ATI, RSHU and AAU staff members on the Use of Roshydromet Distance Learning Management System (ATI, Moscow, Russia) 



Annual International Scientific Conference for Undergraduate, Master and Postgraduate / PhD students 'Regional Environmental Problems: Scientific, Methodological and Practical Aspects of the Solutions' at OSENU


30.04.2012 Visit of AAU/RSHU delegation to UH (Dynamicum)

TEMPUS JPHES-159352 “QUALIMET” General Meeting "Towards the qualification framework in meteorology", ENEA, Rome, Italy; UA participant - Sergey Stepanenko (OSENU)




International Conference and Early Career Scientists School on Environmental Observations, Modeling and Information Systems ENVIROMIS-2012, Irkutsk, Russia


20.08.2012 CoE in the field of Agricultural Meteorology and Environmental Control established at Odessa State Environmental University
15.09.-1.10.2012 RSHU students training at OSENU
18.09.2012 CoE in operational meteorology established at Perm National Reseasrch University (AAU member)
29.09.-15.10.2012 OSENU students training at RSHU

Pan Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) 1st Workshop: international promotion of QualiMet and adding educational dimension to PEEX Science Plan (PEEX is to be included in Horizon 2020)


4-5.10.2012 24th Session of the Intergovernmental Council for Hydrometeorology of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), Kazan, Russia 
9-25.10.2012 Coordinator's visit to the University of Nizhny Novgorod: an agreement on establishing the new Department of Evironmental Physics within the Higher School of Applied Physics (within the next 2 year-period, in collabotation with Russian Government Mega-Grant No. 11.G34.31.0048 "Air-sea/land interaction: physics and observation of planetary boundary layers and quality of environment")

Biannual International Scientific Conference for Students and Young Scientists ‘Topical Issues of Modern Hydrometeorology’ at OSENU


17-23.10.2012 As an inter-project coaching of 159173-TEMPUS-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR ‘EU Based Course in Foodstuff Expertise & Quality Control’ and 159352-TEMPUS-FI-TEMPUS-JPHES ‘Development of Qualification Framework in Meteorology’ projects, Assoc. Prof. Kalinka Kuzmova and Prof. Diyana Svetleva
from Agricultural University - Plovdiv, Bulgaria, delivered a course of lectures for OSENU students on the following topics: ‘Assessment of Agro-Climatic Conditions and Climate Change’, ‘Impact of Climate Change on Foodstuff Quality’, ‘Induction of Genetic Diversity in Plants’ and ‘Hereditary and Non-hereditary Changes. Mutations’
26-27.10.2012 Presentation of the QualiMet project at the 4th Congress of Compatriots Living Outside Russia, St Petersburg, Russia (by the coordinator)
Oct-Nov 2012 AAU became an Associate Member of European Meteorological Society (EMS)
16-21.11.2012 Visit of R. Nuterman (University of Copenhagen) to RSHU: Advising and consulting of MSc. and Ph.D students, discussion about on-line integrated Enviro-HIRLAM code development, setup and possible model runs within the QUALIMET Centre of Excellence at RSHU
22.11.2012 An extension of eligiblility period granted to QualiMet till 14.10.2013

Workshop on Parameterization of Stable Boundary Layer in Numerical Weather Prediction Models, Helsinki, Finland (a participant from University of Copenhagen)


7-10.01.2013 Project Seminar & Study Visit for PC Chairs of Meteorology "EU and PC approaches to meteorological education and continuous professional development", Copenhagen, Denmark; UA participants - Inna Khomenko (OSENU) and Ekaterina Pozachenyuk (TNU)

AAU Plenum, RSHU, St Petersburg; UA participant - Valeriya Ovcharuk (Director of Hydrometeorological Institute at OSENU): report  at the plenary meeting of the AAU on the topic of 'Prospects of Collaboration and Integration in the Area of Higher Hydrometeorological Education (OSENU-RSHU)'; - participation in a master class on the new educational modules in 'Hydrometeorology' and 'Applied Hydrometeorology'; - participation in the work of seminar 'Aspects of education in the area of Applied Marine Sciences'; - consultations with the RSHU administration on implementation of OSENU-RSHU double diploma programmes


11.06.2013 CoE in climatology established at Kazan Federal University (AAU member)
14.06.2013 Monitoring №2 at MSU
14.06.2013 Workshop “Russian-Finnish Cooperation to ensure quality of education and training”, Helsinki - Anatoly Bogush
11-16.06.2013 Update activity on the topic ”Remote sensing of the Earth” and came to Helsinki to update on this topic; work with Drs. D. Moiseev, M. Sofiev, I. Bashmakova, Helsinki; UA participant - Maria Penno (TNU)
13-19.08.2013 Youth Scientific School for Using Modern Monitoring Methods of Climate Change, Diagnosis and Forecasting Hazardous and Anthropogenic Events in Northern Europe (St Petersburg – Helsinki – Hyytiälä – Valaam – St-Petersburg)

13th Annual Meeting of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) – dedicated Side Meeting SM5 “Round table for summarising basic achievements of the project TEMPUS QUALIMET” (Conveners: S. Zilitinkevich and A. Petrosyan); Presentations by Karlin et al and Bogush et al (Session CE4) and by Bashmakova et al (Session ASI8)



Annual International Scientific Conference for Undergraduate, Master and Postgraduate / PhD students 'Regional Environmental Problems: Scientific, Methodological and Practical Aspects of the Solutions' at OSENU


30.09.2013 Monitoring of UA partners at MSU Black Sea Branch (Sevastopol)
1-5.10.2013 Project closing meeting in Ukraine

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