Участь в конференціях

Представлення результатів проекту 159352-TEMPUS-FI-TEMPUS-JPHES на конференціях, симпозіумах та конгресах


International Conference "50 Years of Education and Awareness Raising for Shaping the Future of the Oceans and Coasts», St. Petersburg, Russia, 27-30 April 2010

Stepanenko S.N. ‘The experience of implementation of a phased training hydrometeorologists in Ukraine in the context of the WMO requirements for training’


VI Mezínarodní vedecko-praktická konference "Efektivní nastroje moderních ved- 2010", Prague, Czech Republic, April 27 - May 5, 2010

Nedostrelova L.V. ‘The frequency of blocking situations’


International Conference ‘Enviromis-2010’, Siberian Federal University, Tomsk, Russia, 5-11 July 2010

Kazakov A.L. ‘Approbation of a numerical model of the atmospheric boundary layer on the basis of the WANGARA data’


VII International Scientific Conference ‘Sustainable development of mountain areas in the context of global change’, Vladikavkaz, Russia, 14-16 September 2010

Borisova S.V., Katerusha G.P. ‘Some aspects of climate change and bio-climatic indicators in the Ukrainian Carpathians‘


International Conference ‘Global and Regional Climate Changes’, Kiev, Ukraine, 16-19 November 2010

Topics of the conference: Monitoring of climate change and extreme weather phenomena. Monitoring systems. Simulation and prognostication of climate change. Climate reconstruction. Impact of climate change on ecosystems. Voloshina E.V., Stepanenko S.N., Shkolnyi E.P., Serga E.N., Latysh L.G., Zubkovich S.O., Ivus G.P.


ESF-MedCLIVAR Workshop on ‘Hydrological, socioeconomic and ecological impacts of the North Atlantic Oscillation in the Mediterranean region’, Zaragoza, Spain, 2010

Khokhlov V.N., ‘Role of North Atlantic Oscillation in spatial initiation of European summer heat waves: wavelet approach’


Storm Surges Congress, Hamburg, Germany, 2010

Khokhlov, V.N. ‘Weather patterns associated with storm surges at Mariupol, Ukraine’


2nd ADOM Workshop: Low Latitude Atmospheric Circulation Changes during the last Climate Cycle. Tunisia , 21-24 January 2011

Serga E.N., Glushkov A.V., Sukharev D.E., Dudinov A.A., Solyanikova E.P. ‘Fractal Features of the Large-scaled Low Frequency Atmospheric Processes and Structures’.


VII Międzynarodowej naukowi-praktycznej konferencji Europejska nauka XXI powieką -2011’, Przemysl, Poland, 7 - 15 May 2011

Nedostrelova L.V. ‘Energy supplies of the blocking anticyclones’


VII International Scientific and Practical Conference ‘Dinamikata on svremennata Science 2011’, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 - 25 July 2011

Nedostrelova L. V. ‘Integral energy flows blocking situation’


International Conference "European Conference on Applications of Meteorology / European Meteorological Society Annual Meeting. Berlin, Germany, 12-16 September 2011

Khomenko, I.A. ‘Aircraft icing conditions at the ground and aloft at the Kiev vicinity’, ‘Meteorological conditions of ice and snow accretion in the southern and central regions of Ukraine’


Foreign conference in commemoration of Academician L.S. Berg, Berg's Educational Foundation. Bendery, Moldova, October 2011

Prof. Polovyi A.M.


International Conference on Dynamical Systems. - Theory and Applications, Lodz, Poland, 5-8 December, 2011

Serga E.N., Glushkov A.V., Khetselius O.Yu, Bunyakova Yu.A., Solyanikova E.P. ‘Non-linear prediction method in short-range forecast of atmospheric pollutants: low-dimensional chaos


International scientific seminar ‘Problems and achievements of long-term weather forecasting’. Kiev, Ukraine, 2011

Ivus G.P., Semenova I.G. ‘The use of the thermal front parameter to identify the baroclinic zones in the current climate and circulation processes’


NEAR Workshop on the Impact of Climate Change on Water Resources. Mangalia, Romania,  2011

 Khokhlov, V.M., Berlinskyi N.A., Korinevskaia V.Yu. ‘Regional features of temperature and moisture conditions in Ukraine under climate change’


16th International Road Weather Conference, Helsinki, Finland, 23–25 May 2012

 Nedostrelova L.V., Khomenko, I.A. ‘Features of snow cover distribution in the southern Ukraine’


12th EMS Annual Meeting & 9th European Conference on Applied Climatology, Lodz, Poland, 10–14 September 2012

Khomenko, I.A. ‘Ice and snow accretion over the Ukraine’, ‘Climatology of freezing precipitation over the Ukraine and Moldovа'

Mahura A., Nuterman R., Mazeikis A., Gonzalez-Aparicio I., Ivanov S., and Palamarchuk J. 'Small-Scale Research Project: Enviro-HIRLAM Application for Studies of Urban and Aerosol Impacts on Metropolitan Areas'

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